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“I love Car Outlet they helped me out sooooo much!!!! I bought my first truck from them and I don't have the best credit score but they worked with me!!!"

-Antenia, Chicago IL

Building Good Credit

Establishing and maintaining good credit is a challenge to many. At Car Outlet, we work with people of all types of financial backgrounds.  For those with bad credit or no credit, we are flexible in getting them adequate terms and setting them on a path to building or rebuilding good credit.  We report credit scores to the bureau and when customers graduate through their loan by consistently making their affordable payments on time, their scores go up. Those that pay off their auto loans with us could then qualify for better rates!

Driving Success

At Car Outlet, we understand that we're a necessary step on the road to building and rebuilding credit.  Our customers are hard working people that need a vehicle, a home for the family and maybe college tuition for growing kids.  Building good credit gives our customers access to better and better rates.  We understand this process so when good customers pay off their auto loan with us, we are proud knowing we've helped them and their credit score access their next large purchase.  That's what we call "Driving Success"!